I Am Beautiful January 31

Thought for the Day:  I have love in my heart and can face any challenge.
Little One kitty
Little One who is no longer with us...

I am beautiful.  Today is a good day to be humble and grateful for all things helping me grow; daily challenges, emotional challenges, things stretching my heart, spiritual challenges, experiences helping me remember to ask for help. 

         Today's reflection: 

I Am Beautiful January 30

Thought for the Day:  I love myself as I am in this moment.
This really IS me in this moment...ready for bed...

I am beautiful.  Nothing more to say.

(EXCEPT... you are beautiful too!)

I Am Beautiful January 29

Thought for the Day:  I am organized, clear and happy.

I am beautiful.  Today I will clean house.  Cleaning house doesn’t necessarily mean getting out the vacuum. Cleaning physically may not be an issue, but cleaning mentally, emotionally, or spiritually might be.  Today is a good day to reflect and see what needs to be put back in order.

I Am Beautiful January 28

Thought for the Day:  I am Love, Light and Strength.

Pumpkin from my garden
Pumpkin from my garden with a heart inside
I am beautiful.  Today is a good day to settle in and get some things done around the house.  The sky is blanket-like, asking me to slow down and be OK with what is.  I have peace knowing that no matter what happens, I am who I am.  I am strong.  I take a deep breath through my nose and exhale slowly through my mouth. 

Today's reflection: