Making myself available

The last 11 months have been about making myself available...

Not available to the world at large, but available to the one person who reached out, scared, asking for help; my son.
Navigating this has not been easy. It has been a day to day awareness. An awareness of each and every moment; each word, thought, action, feeling and interaction.  
By helping him with his process of healing, I have reached a deeper level of understanding myself and all that surrounds me. 

Now, think about this for a second...
What was an event in your life that nudged you into that deep place inside yourself?  The place that you really connected with a sense of peace, knowing and love. And maybe you had to move through a place of not-knowing, fear  and doubt first. Yet that is all part of the journey. 

I would love to hear about your journey to a better place of peace; for yourself and those whom you love.              -love to you in your life's journey, Shannon