Making myself available

The last 11 months have been about making myself available...

Not available to the world at large, but available to the one person who reached out, scared, asking for help; my son.
Navigating this has not been easy. It has been a day to day awareness. An awareness of each and every moment; each word, thought, action, feeling and interaction.  
By helping him with his process of healing, I have reached a deeper level of understanding myself and all that surrounds me. 

Now, think about this for a second...
What was an event in your life that nudged you into that deep place inside yourself?  The place that you really connected with a sense of peace, knowing and love. And maybe you had to move through a place of not-knowing, fear  and doubt first. Yet that is all part of the journey. 

I would love to hear about your journey to a better place of peace; for yourself and those whom you love.              -love to you in your life's journey, Shannon


Happy to be Alive

 Did you wake up happy to be alive today?

If so, yay for you!
If not, why not?

So my mom had a stroke a week ago. It was not a little stroke, either. My dad acted fast, saw the signs and called 911. They took her to a stroke center where they administered tPA. She is home and doing well today because of great care by all involved. They say that it's pretty amazing that she's walking and talking today. I am grateful!

So to answer the question that I asked you, YES, I woke up happy to be alive today!
 Live love, Shannon   

Give Yourself Permission

So when was the last time you let yourself just stop everything and focus on the most important thing at the time? When did you give yourself permission?

Well, I have done just that and I encourage you to do the same when you need it. You are important enough to allow yourself to jump off the merry-go-round; get things back in order, and start slowly spinning around again when you're ready. After all, this is YOUR life. Make it the way you really want it. 

Love to you! Shannon

New Pattern

July 16 New Thought Pattern:
I am kind and gentle with myself.

Over the last 6 months, I've had to change my life around... a lot. And I'm OK with it. Actually I'm more than OK with it.

You see, I've always been a "helper". So when my son called me asking for help, I jumped in to help however I could.

This meant changing the way I was running my life up to that point; changing my healing space, my sleeping patterns, my eating, my errand-running, etc...

This change hasn't meant it's a bad thing. On the contrary, it's been a beautiful thing; heart-opening, heart-healing, love-growing, relationship-mending, pattern-changing.  
So tell me, what is it in your life that makes you change your old patterns?  Do you surrender to the change or do you resist it? Do you love yourself enough to be kind and gentle with yourself?

Sending you lots of love on your journey of living consciously. Shannon

What I haven't told you

This picture describes what I've been doing over 

the last 6 months.

Today, I became very aware that I haven't told many people. And of the people I've told, I don't know exactly how much I've said.

I've been busy protecting and nurturing one of my 23 year old sons.  

23?! You might question. That's beyond the age of needing 'protection'!  Or is it?

Mental illness is something that is not talked about much at all; unless it's in the context of a mass shooting, serial killers and rapists. My son is none of these. In fact, he is a very sweet, gentle and kind person who got the short end of the genetic stick. Schizoaffective disorder is what it's called and he has come so far from where he was when he arrived 6 months ago.   

My husband and I have been helping him get his life back on track in a new way; with his new set of medicine-imposed rules he needs to live by.  So we also have been living by these rules to support him. It hasn't been easy on any of us on any level. But one thing I do know, is that love is the greatest healer of all.