I Am Beautiful October 31

Thought for the Day:  I am aware and honor the thinner veil between worlds.
I am beautiful.  All Hallows Eve day… Halloween day.  This is a day celebrated, yet do we remember why?  It’s a day where the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is thinner.  It is the Eve of the day set aside to honor our dead.  It’s a good day for being present in that knowing.


I Am Beautiful October 30

Thought for the Day:  I am happy, healthy and thankful.
I am beautiful. I enjoy walking this time of year; the sound of dried leaves crunching under my footsteps, the smell of decaying leaves.  It’s a magical transition.  This part of the world slowly goes to sleep.  It’s a time of reflection and gratitude for the gifts from the earth.

I Am Beautiful October 29

Thought for the Day:  I share my time freely.
I am beautiful. Today is my volunteer day.  I volunteer once a week for two hours.  I love this day because it gives me a chance to give back to my community.  When my kids were little, I spent time volunteering in their schools.  Now I spend time with the developmentally disabled.  It’s such a great feeling knowing that I make a difference in someone’s life.

I Am Beautiful October 28

Thought for the Day:  I am more beautiful when I’m happy.
I am beautiful. It is a clear blue sky day with birds singing.  Days like today make me feel so good about being alive.  When I walk in the sunshine with a breeze on my face, I feel happy.  It’s important for me to take note of things that make me feel happy, and keep those things in my life.

I Am Beautiful October 27

Thought for the Day:  I act with self-discipline.
I am beautiful. What a great day to take stock of where I need more self-discipline.  I’ve decided to make a list of where I think I need to do work on myself.  I’ve put numbers by my list in order of priority.  This way, I stop “shoulding” on myself and start doing; a little at a time.  I’ve gone back through my list just to make sure it wasn’t a list of “shoulds,” but a list of “want tos.” 

I Am Beautiful October 26

Thought for the Day:  I trust myself and listen to my inner voice.
I am beautiful. I’ve seen an owl on a couple walks this week.  They are really amazing birds.  There are so many different meanings of the owl; some fearful, some magical.  In the book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, there are eight pages devoted to them.  I believe I’ve been seeing them this week because I’m being asked to sharpen my listening and trust in my inner thoughts and inner vision.