I Am Beautiful September 30

Thought for the Day:  I look for opportunities to be kind.
I am beautiful.  I am love.  Today I saw a movie called Feast of Love.  It was another reminder of living in each moment without fear – giving every day your best shot. I came out of that movie crying and smiling; crying for the heartaches we all endure, smiling for the beauty present in daily kindnesses. 

I Am Beautiful September 29

Thought for the Day:   I open my inner self to be guided by my intuition.
I am beautiful.  I woke this morning to the sound of a flock of geese honking -- on their way to a warmer place.  The thought of how they’re organized and how they follow their intuition brings a question to my mind.  What if we, the people, followed our intuition as easily as other animals do?  How would things be different?  Just a thought…  Nature is amazing.

I Am Beautiful September 28

Thought for the Day:  I give gifts of kind words and actions.
I am beautiful.   My friends are precious to me.  I received a gift in the mail today with a card.  It was from two friends of mine, a couple.  It was a “just thinking about you” gesture.  It made me feel loved making my heart feel good.  It’s amazing how something so little can brighten someone’s day so much.

I Am Beautiful September 27

Thought for the Day:  Time is precious and I use it wisely.
I am beautiful. What an incredible morning; my cats play in the tall flowers as the sun shines and birds sing and talk to each other.  As I sit by my waterfall, I am grateful for the gift of time I have today.

I Am Beautiful September 26

Thought for the Day:  I choose to find ways to serve.
I am beautiful.  I start today knowing I am an incredible person.  Everything I do today, will be to benefit those around me, without expecting anything in return.  I will look for people who need help in some way.

I Am Beautiful September 25

Thought for the Day:  I am empowered to be a better me.
I am beautiful.  Today is a gorgeous day; the sky is clear, sun is shining, temperature is perfect and there is a slight breeze.  I couldn’t have created a more beautiful day if I did it myself.  One of the best things is, I don’t have control over the day.  All I have control over is what I do, think and say.  I have control over how I feel about myself.  I choose to feel beautiful.  I choose to feel empowered and make myself a better person.  I choose to love who I am in spite of anyone else in the world.  I choose to love others in spite of what they have done.