I Am Beautiful June 30

Thought for the Day:  I feed my body foods giving me long-lasting energy.
I am beautiful. I love when I have lots of energy. It feels so good. So I choose to eat foods that make me feel energized.  Today I will pay attention to everything I put in my body; how it makes me feel and how long its energy lasts.

I Am Beautiful June 29

Thought for the Day:  I accept me as I am - weaknesses and all.
I am beautiful.  Today is a cloudy, cold day – perfect for introspection.  It’s a great day to get grounded and take care of myself.  I will take note of my inner beauty, strengths and my weaknesses.

I Am Beautiful June 28

Thought for the Day:  I have a calm and beautiful mind.
I am beautiful.  The funny thing about our lives, is that beliefs are a matter of mind.  All of us have different beliefs.  Our beliefs are ours only.  There may be other people with similar ones.  But in the end our beliefs are as individual as snowflakes. 

I Am Beautiful June 27

Thought for the Day:  I take good care of myself and surroundings.
I am beautiful.  I live. There is no mistake about it, I live.  I don’t spend my time cleaning everything in my life.  I clean to keep things sanitary, but spotless, no way.  Getting dirty and having dirt is a reality of life.  Without it there would be no food.  I am grateful to be alive. 

I Am Beautiful June 26

Thought for the Day:  I honor my change.
I am beautiful.  Even though change is happening all around me, I maintain my center – I maintain my inner beauty – my peace – my love for myself.  I know that unless I take care of myself I cannot take care of other things.

I Am Beautiful June 25

Thought for the Day:  I am loving, happy, prosperous and free.
I am beautiful.  A warm wind is blowing today.  I wonder what incredible thing it will blow in for me.  Our thoughts are ever-changing like the wind.  If we can harness our thoughts, we can change the world.  Our thoughts are that powerful.