I Am Beautiful April 30

Thought for the Day:  I make choices best for me.
I am beautiful.  What is the weather like today? Is the sun shining?  Is it raining?    You have no control over the weather; just like you have no control over anyone else or their actions.  You do have control over yourself and how you react.  If it's raining, get out an umbrella and be cheerful.  If someone is being unpleasant, don’t be around them.

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I Am Beautiful April 29

Thought for the Day:  I am becoming a better me.
I am beautiful.  Today I will feel; I will notice my moods, not judge myself, just notice.  I will try to see myself as if I’m the person sitting next to me.  

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I Am Beautiful April 28

Thought for the DayI am happy, healthy and love who I am.

I am beautiful.  I will walk today with my head held high.  I will think positive thoughts all day long.  If someone says or does something which irritates me to the point of being negative, I will send them love and gently bring myself back to the positive.


I Am Beautiful April 27

Thought for the Day:  I think kind thoughts and eat healthy foods.
I am beautiful.  I love and cherish who I am.  I take good care of all aspects of my being.  I am willing to change.
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I Am Beautiful April 26

Thought for the Day I love me in my process.
I am beautiful.  I will take what I observed yesterday about myself and gently make a small change.  I will add something or take something away. I will see myself as a wonderful person no matter what.


I Am Beautiful April 25

Thought for the Day:  I make gentle observations and tiny corrections.
I am beautiful.  I learn -- that stretches my mind.  I exercise -- that stretches my body.  I pray -- that stretches my soul.  I create -- that stretches my spirit.  I am a complete person.

If I feel I am lacking in any of these areas, I will take a look at myself and see what I could do differently.  I will take time to find more balance. 

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