It felt naked

We went up the mountain today to help some friends look through what was once  their newly built house. Driving up brought tears to my eyes. There was an eerie feeling of great sadness in the air. It felt naked and vulnerable. You could see through the grove of trees where the fire stripped them of their protective needles.
You can see the road where once you couldn't

There was a strong odor of wet, burned wood; as if we were walking through a wet fireplace. There was a deer walking gingerly down below the drive. She looked like she was mourning.
Where did my food go?
As I was searching through the rubble, it looked and felt like a bomb went off.  I couldn't help but hear the sound of the twisting, hot metal as the walls crashed down in the flames. My heart so goes out to anyone in the world who has to deal with this type of devastation; whether from fire, war, flood, tsunami, anything...             Love, Love, Love, Shannon
Once was a house